From Using Buckets To Carrying Napkins, Rupali Ganguly Practises Sustainable Living Like A Pro!

by Shreya Rathod
From Using Buckets To Carrying Napkins, Rupali Ganguly Practises Sustainable Living Like A Pro!

Earth and its resources are valuable to every living thing. As tenants, it is our responsibility to take care of this planet and to make sure it is not harmed in any way. Sustainable living is a method that attempts to reduce carbon footprints on Earth. And actress Rupali Ganguly is a pro at living sustainably! Here are some practices that she follows.

Rupali Ganguly Shares Tips For Sustainable Living


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Actress Rupali Ganguly is known for her sustainable living practices. In an interview with Hindustan Times, she shared about doing her bit for the environment. She revealed that she stopped taking showers. Instead, she uses a bucket. And this has prevented her from wasting water. According to her, city dwellers often take this for granted, but villagers know its importance. She further states that even when she stays at a hotel, she uses a bucket.

Secondly, Rupali Ganguly states that though many people compare cars to their status symbol, it isn’t true. And the only reason why she has a car is because it’s a necessity. She doesn’t understand people’s need to upgrade their cars after every 2 to 4 years.

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Besides this, she is not fond of buying clothes and doesn’t go shopping a lot. She has glass jars at home and doesn’t throw plastic containers after a single use. Her mantra is to reduce, reuse and recycle and believes that it is the only way to sustain this planet.

Skip Tissues & Use Napkins

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On sets, she observes people using lots of tissue paper after washing their hands. According to her, using one or two tissue papers is enough. There is no need to waste so many of them as innumerable trees are cut to make tissue papers. And it would be even better if they start using napkins!

The production house, for which Rupali Ganguly works, uses recycled paper and prints on both sides. Additionally, she carries her water bottles and refuses to drink from plastic bottles.

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She even points out that cycling or walking is a must and she remembers doing the same in her earlier days. However, nowadays, children have skipped the habit of walking and parents need to take action!

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