Germany Emerges As The Most Popular European Tourist Destination For Indian Tourists

by Shreya Ghosh
Germany Emerges As The Most Popular European Tourist Destination For Indian Tourists

Exploring the beautiful countries of Europe is on everyone’s bucket list and it seems like everyone is travelling there. Uncountable Indian tourists spent their summer holidays this year in various destinations in Europe and many are still holidaying there. No matter when we open any social media platform, we see someone or the other posing in front of the beauty of this continent. While some are jetting off to London, some are flying to Paris, and some are travelling to Turkey, among all these stunning destinations in Europe, Germany is the most famous place in Europe for Indian tourists.

Germany Is Now The Most Popular European Tourist Destination!

The tourism industry is finally reviving after 2 years of the Covid-19 pandemic. And with everyone travelling to their desired destinations, most Indian tourists are flying to Germany. In fact, this country emerges as the most famous European country for Indian tourists. There is beauty hidden n every corner of this mesmerising Western European nation. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes of nature and its elements, Germany boasts pristine beaches, mountains, rivers, verdant forests, and a lot more. Also, there is a lot to explore there when it comes to architecture, cathedrals, castles, and rich history.

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The Country Experienced A Surge In Indian Tourists Annually!

Germany has been a go-to Europe destination for many Indian tourists this year and the number of Indian visitors multiplied exponentially. As per the travel trend analysis of the German National Tourist Office, the report states that they saw a hike of 214% in its tourism business from India. It also estimates that the numbers are continuing to be quite good in the future. Also, according to Anholt Ipsos Nation Brands Index SM 2021, Germany is sitting at the top position of the Nation Brands Index. Interestingly, Germany is topping the charts for consecutive 5 years.

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Most Indians, about 55%, enjoy travelling to Germany. They mostly travel to this European destination to spend holidays in the countryside and scenic beaches and enjoy the rich culture and architecture. The German National Tourist Board noticed this demand from Indian tourists and launched a campaign to present the country’s beauty and cultures to keep the tourism industry in the spotlight.