Get Extra Baggage Allowance With The ‘Super 6E’ Fare Scheme Of IndiGo

by Suchismita Pal

It can be challenging to fit everything into the limited number of bags that come under luggage allowance before taking a flight. When luggage gets overweight, airlines demand additional fees. But with IndiGo’s Super 6E fare scheme, flyers can enjoy an extra baggage allowance of 10 kgs. That is not all. They can also select free seats including XL seats and get a free snack combo of choice. Also, with the Super 6E fare plan, passengers will not be charged any convenience fee. The scheme is available for both one way and round trips.


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Skip Paying For Add-Ons And Enjoy A Host Of Benefits With IndiGo’s Super 6E Fare Scheme

With the increase in fuel prices, flight fares are also on the rise. When we have to pay for add-ons like meals and extra baggage on top of the ticket fee, the fare gets even higher. Thus, IndiGo’s Super 6E scheme comes as a welcome move for passengers as it can allow them to enjoy the benefits of add-ons without having to pay any extra charges.


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Enjoy Benefits Of Free Express Check-In Too!

With this fare scheme, flyers can also enjoy free express check-in and free priority boarding. Also, the airline won’t charge any change fee before 3 days of departure. After that, a minimum fee of ₹500 will be applicable. Flyers can book the Super 6E tickets from the official website of IndiGo. The scheme will also provide delayed and lost baggage protection. On that note, here’s the secret trick to get an upgrade on your next flight.

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