Get Ready For Lab Grown Ice Cream That’s Vegan At Perfect Day

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Get Ready For Lab Grown Ice Cream That’s Vegan At Perfect Day

Animal clones, genetically altered human genes, lab-engineered meat that isn’t exactly meat and now, joining this bandwagon is lab-grown Ice Cream. This latest creation is to taste exactly like it’s original and requires no cows or milk from any animal in general. That is what makes it a Vegan’s delight. Find out how this feat is achieved straight from the very labs working on the ice cream now. It’s no less than magic people!

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The Science Of It

With the help of this technology, no animal milk will need to be used to make Ice cream. How is this possible you ask? Well, the technique lies in whey Protein and casein which is originally present in milk. This is produced through genetically modified yeast. So cool right?

The Motivation

The idea was a brainchild of two Vegan Bioengineers, Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi. In an interview with Fast Company, Pandya says, “We’re able to use this protein to make products that totally scratch the itch in terms of having the experience, the mouthfeel, the flavour, and creaminess of dairy, but again, none of the animal downside.”

Both of them also were driven to reduce the suffering of animals. So they created a Vegan delight without compromising on the creaminess of ice creams. It’s a win-win.

Perfect Day

Perfect Day is the result of a startup called Perfect Day, coming from a biotech. The ice cream is just as creamy as ice cream made from milk according to some people who have been able to try it. So far, they have limited stocks and the few who have tried it, can’t wait for it to be sold officially. And we can’t wait either to give this unique ice cream a try. But it’s going to take a few years people, so we need to calm down.

Why Lab Engineered Ice Cream

Apart from the obvious reason that it harms no animals or participated in any animal exploitation, the lab-engineered ice creams also use of 65% less energy and up to 98% less of water as told by the founders themselves. Moreover, for areas challenged by extreme weather conditions where natural animal milk production drops, this is a great alternative. In fact, the startup is in talks with many big production houses and food chains in a bid to replace existing ice creams with that of the ones made in labs.

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This is a great way indeed to reduce our dependence as well as the suffering we inflict on animals. And if these bigger chains take it up as well, going vegan might not be that hard after all.

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