Dubai Eases Alcohol Laws: Here’s What Has Changed

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai Eases Alcohol Laws: Here’s What Has Changed

In case you aren’t aware, you CANNOT store or buy alcohol in Dubai if you don’t have a license. Dubai is always welcoming tourists and this is what you must know if you want to consumer alcohol on your visit to Dubai. For starters, just memorize this rule- if you need to store, buy or transport alcohol in Dubai, you definitely need an alcohol license.

Previously, the process required an NOC letter, tenancy contract as well as a salary certificate showing earnings of over AED 3000 per month. However, the process is now simplified and applicants only needed copies of Emirates ID, passport, visa and a passport photo. On that note, Dubai Restaurants Will Serve Alcohol Only At Tables.

Why Should You Apply For An Alcohol License?

Firstly, its the country’s rule, so you might as well abide by it. Only if you have a license can you buy, store or transport alcohol. Besides, one license only permits one person to buy or store alcohol. That means, you will not be covered in case your friend or family member has one. The license must be produced while buying liquor. Failure to do so will lead to hefty fines and even cancellation of visa.

Who Can Get An Alcohol License?

All non-muslims, and those above 21 years of age can get an alcohol license. The process was recently simplified and no longer required an NOC or tenancy contract. As of 9 August, a smart procedure has been introduced. The new smart process reduces paper usage and speeds up the application and renewal process. In fact, residents who currently own a red card licence must replace it with the new black smart licence by August 31.Starting September, red card licenses will not be valid for in-store or online purchases.

What Documents Do I Need In Order To Apply?

All you need is your Emirates ID in order to apply for a license. The ID must be submitted at MMI or A+E store to get it scanned to begin the process. On another note, here are 7 Dubai Metro Fines You Need To Be Careful Of.

How Much Does It Cost?

Card replacement is priced at AED 25 and can be redeemed at the store. Besides, red card holders can also renew their cards early and the remaining months will then be automatically added to the new black card.

How Long Does It Take To Receive The License?

Once the approval is done and the fee is paid, it will take a couple of weeks for the process to be completed. You should get your new card in about two or three weeks.

Dubai Launches New Alcohol Home Delivery Service

MMI and African + Eastern together started alcohol home deliveries in Dubai through a new website – The service is applicable to all Dubai residents who hold a valid liquor license. However, those under 21 years of age and muslims are not permitted to use the service. Orders can be placed directly on, with a range of 500 brands on offer. The site requires a minimum spend of AED 250, as well as a delivery charge of AED 50. Orders placed before 12pm (midday) will be delivered the next day. However, do note that Dubai Restaurants Will Serve Alcohol Only At Tables.

Residents can then purchase alcohol at MMI or African Eastern outlets or online through Original passport must be shown at the time of purchase. With Dubai now open, tourists can buy alcohol from any of the legal stories by just using their original passport. And with all the preventive measures in place, we are not surprised this Canadian Tourist Stuck In Dubai For 5 Months; Plans To Settle Here!