Getting Your Driving Licence In The UAE: Here’s Everything That Has Changed

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Getting Your Driving Licence In The UAE: Here’s Everything That Has Changed

Getting a driving license in the UAE has always been a big deal. And now, with the pandemic in place, the process has also instilled a fear among residents. Driving schools across the city have reopened, allowing residents to resume classes. However, a few things have changed, as part of the precautionary measures. Driving schools have put several precautionary measures in place to keep students and staff safe.

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So, here are changes you can expect in case you’re planning to enroll in a driving school in Dubai.

  1. All visitors and staff must wear facemask at all times. Tests will not be conducted without everyone wearing the mask.
  2. Students are advised to attend online lectures, instead of on sit classes.
  3. Staff and students must enter through the designated doors and must have their temperatures checked at all times.
  4. Sanitizers have been placed at various points across all centers.
  5. Contactless mode of payment- online payment, usage of credit/ debit card are encouraged.
  6. Students are requested to check for any announcements on the social media pages before booking an appointment.
  7. Children under 12 and adults above 60 years are not permitted to enter the premises.
  8. At a time only one student will be allowed to sit in the vehicle during tests.
  9. Staff and students have been asked to maintain two metres distance at all times.
  10. Night training is stopped until further notice.
  11. Cafeteria facilities are temporarily closed.

What Else?

All drivers in the UAE can now renew their license online. Motorists who’s licenses have expired, or are due to expire within the next three months, there’s no need to fret. The process can now be done completely online, within the comfort of your home.

The Ministry of Interior has informed all, that this new service will come into effect on Sunday 29 March. All licenses will be renewed for another year, irrespective of any fines, black points, or eye tests. Customers can access the service through the online website, or smart applications. The move is yet another initiative towards making vital processes in the UAE easier, during these pressing times.

If you want to renew your license online, log onto, or download the MOIUAE application. Earlier, license renewal was only done by visiting any of the RTA outlets. Now, it can be done completely online.

And that’s not all! The UAE is doing an excellent job at combatting the virus as best they can. They have offered numerous innovative ways to help affected people around the country. The police are patrolling neighborhoods every night, and several other steps are taken to ensure safety. A variety of services have now moved online, making it easier for residents.

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