Grand Hindu Temple In Dubai Jebel Ali Will Soon Start QR-Coded Bookings

by Ishita Agarwal
Grand Hindu Temple In Dubai Jebel Ali Will Soon Start QR-Coded Bookings

According to authorities, visitors may schedule appointments for a Hindu temple that will open in Dubai later this year using a QR code, according to the national newspaper Gulf News. Although the temple holds roughly 1,000 people, according to authorities, the online ticketing system for tourists is to minimise overcrowding and ensure visitors’ safety.

Dubai newest Hindu temple is all set for a Grand Unveiling.

The Sindhu Guru Darbar temple will formally welcome visitors on the day of the significant Hindu holiday Dussehra on October 5. This was verified by Raju Shroff, a trustee of the temple, to Khaleej Times. In Jebel Ali’s Emirate Corridor of Tolerance lies the modern Hindu temple. In addition, a Sikh Gurudwara, a Hindu Temple, and a number of Christian churches coexist in this neighbourhood as places of worship.

The temple management has set up a QR-code-based appointment system to guarantee the security of all visitors during Covid-19.


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How You Can Book Through An QR Code

You can find QR codes on by visitors. The hours of the temple are 6 am to 9 pm. After the formal inauguration, the temple will host festivities for holidays like Diwali and Navratri. The temple also has a fully functional kitchen and a dry and refrigerated storage area. In addition, many LCDs will be there in both the knowledge room and the community hall. Moreover, the public may utilise the areas for interfaith discussions and kid-friendly educational events, among other things.

The temple’s elaborate interior and exterior is fill with handmade sculptures made of white marble, elegant pillars, and nine towering spires. In addition, the temple ornamented with enormous, gigantic walnut-wood doors and lofty concrete pillars with bells, elephants, and floral themes.

It looks like it’s worth visiting! 

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