Gujarat Hit By Hailstorm, Social Media Users Share Videos Of Roads Covered With Ice

Parts of Gujarat were hit by hail storms, and social media is filled with videos and pictures from the scene. 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Gujarat Hit By Hailstorm, Social Media Users Share Videos Of Roads Covered With Ice

Climate change is real, and for people who never thought to believe it, nature is surely giving out proofs. Many parts of India have been facing unseasonal rains in the month of November. From Kerala to Mumbai, many places in India witnessed moderate rainfall on Sunday early in the morning. But Gujarat peeps experienced something super different. Parts of this state were hit by hail storms, and social media is filled with videos and pictures from the scene. 

Gujarat Hit By Hailstorm

Gujarat saw hail and rain, and the state’s various regions appeared to be covered in snow, which excited online users.

It was not long before they were posting videos and images of the hailstorm on social media, particularly X. Some grasped them in their hands to get a closer look, while others uploaded images of the little spherical ice covering the streets.  

The hail ice flooded Rajkot streets and looked like they were in Shimla or Manali. Witnessing the strange weather in their area excited the locals. They enjoyed the winter weather as they strolled outside their houses and gripped the cold hailstones in their palms. 

OVER 155 talukas in Gujarat reported widespread, unseasonal rains on Sunday morning. Although the majority of the Saurashtra region’s districts were impacted by the weather shift, other districts in the state also saw rain and wind. Heavy rain fell in the morning on Surat, Ahmedabad, and Gandhinagar as well. 

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IMD Issues Forecast

Gujarat was among the states for which the India Meteorological Department (IMD) issued a rain forecast. The weather monitoring office said that on November 26 and 27, there would likely be thunderstorm activity, hail, and heavy rainfall over Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and south Rajasthan.

Similar weather was experienced in Gujarat and Rajasthan in 2019. There were lightning strikes, hailstorms, and unexpected, heavy rainfall in several areas of the two states. In Kutch and Saurashtra, crops were devastated by hailstorms and mild rains. Strong convection brought on by the cyclonic circulation over southwest Rajasthan and its neighboring states is said to be the source of this weather.

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Rain Showers & Thunders In Maharashtra

Early on Sunday morning, there were light showers and thunder in Mumbai. The cool wind and rainfall combined to create lovely weather. The downpour had no effect on local train services or traffic on the roads. Over the past 24 hours, the Santa Cruz observatory, which represents the suburbs, recorded 5.2 mm of rainfall, while the Colaba observatory, which represents south Mumbai, recorded 9.2 mm, according to India Meteorological Department (IMD) authorities.

In addition to the city, rainfall was also reported in a number of other areas of the state, including the Konkan region and north-central Maharashtra. The rain was brought on by winds from the Bay of Bengal and westerly disturbances, according to sources at IMD Mumbai.

They claimed that because of the strong trough line, showers that would normally exclusively fall in northern India would reach Maharashtra. 

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What are your views on climate change?

Cover Image Courtesy: @lalsinghrajpoot/x(formerly Twitter)

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