Gurgaon Gets Delhi NCR’s First Zero-Waste Cafe With Bamboo Fiber And Wheat Straw Cups!

Tucked in the corner of Gurgaon’s popular Galleria Market is a tiny cafe: For Earth’s Sake. It might seem like any other quaint place where you can enjoy your winter cuppa, but walk in and it is a different experience. What makes it so special is its core rule: zero waste!

What’s in store?

Freshly churned butter for the bakes and amazing coffee grounds from the fields of Coorg, that’s what sweet dreams are made of. For Earth’s Sake, doesn’t offer an extravagant menu. It has some basic coffees, along with brownies, cookies and sandwiches to go with it. Don’t let the portion size food you though. We tried the chocolate cookie and it was a meal in itself.

A small space, it is an ideal spot if you are looking at spending an easy day, basking in the sun reading a book or working out of a cafe.

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What’s more?

For Earth’s Sake is not just a cafe but a lifestyle store as well. While you might step in thinking that you will take your coffee-on-the-go and be on your way, but that’s not what’s going to happen. With a key focus on zero-waste policy, the store house various products that can be used in your day-to-day life as well. From wheat straw toothbrushes, tongue cleaners to incense sticks; bamboo fibre cups to steel straws, they have it all. If you are looking for soaps, shampoos, hygiene products; they have that too!

For those who love stationary, they have notebooks, sticky pads and plantable pencils too! Sounds amazing right?

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How it started?

Vidur, along with his sister, Vidushi co-founded For Earth’s Sake. While journeying through Australia, he came across the concept of zero-waste, and somewhere it stayed on. He then decided to incorporate that in every aspect of lifestyle: which can be seen at the cafe.

However, the interesting part is that it isn’t expensive at all. “It is a wrong notion that a zero-waste lifestyle is an expensive lifestyle. If you look at the substitutes, they are not expensive at all. We have a wheat straw toothbrush that is prices at ₹30. It’s just a mindset that people have that needs to change,” believes Vidur.

We are intrigued. Are you?

Kanika Sharma
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