Halal Restaurant Week 2019 And 5 Best Experiences In South Korea

by Sanjana Shenoy
Halal Restaurant Week 2019 And 5 Best Experiences In South Korea

Halal Restaurant Week Korea 2019 is approaching next month! You can gorge on lip-smacking food from your favourite Muslim friendly restaurants, witness the finest cultural activities in South Korea while enjoying a pocket-friendly experience like never before. This glorious annual event hosted by the Korea Tourism Organization for the 4th time will be held in South Korea from 1st September 2019 to 31st October 2019. This is specially curated for Muslims and tourists across the world, who can visit South Korea with full fervour thanks to the variety of Muslim-friendly provisions across the city. The availability of more than 100 prayer rooms in various popular junctions of South Korea and the establishment of the majestic Seoul Central Mosque in Itaewon should definitely be of interest to you.

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About Halal Restaurant Week 2019

Now that you’re all geared up to visit South Korea, let’s tell you more about the Halal Restaurant Week 2019. You can get a delicious opportunity to savour Korean Halal food and global cuisine from countries like Turkey, China, Italy, and India at more than 150 Muslim-friendly restaurants across the country for 61 days.

If this isn’t getting you excited, then the plethora of discounts available during the Halal Restaurant Week 2019 on food and cultural activities surely will. Use the 3000 KRW (₹176) Coupon and 10,000 KRW ( ₹585) Coupon at any of the Muslim friendly restaurants of your choice (1 coupon per bill) and voila! you can have a hearty delicious meal with your gang in South Korea, without spending a bomb.

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5 Quintessential Experiences In South Korea

When you decide to visit South Korea with your gang, family or bae there are a variety of amazing experiences you can immerse yourself in. You can relax at a spa, visit a gorgeous island, go on an adventurous camping trip or sip piping hot coffee at a K-pop themed cafe. We have curated a list of 5 quintessential experiences you must indulge on your visit here.

1. Romantic Walk To Remember At Nami Island

Nami Island an hour’s drive from Seoul, is a picturesque South-Korean abode graced with spell-bounding maple and pine trees. This place resembles those scenic desktop wallpapers which looked too good to be true. Guess what? Such a place actually exists, and it’s more beautiful than you’ve ever imagined. It has also been the filming location for the iconic Korean drama, Winter Sonata. Tourists and K-drama fanatics from all over the world, pose with the life-like copper statue of Bae Yong-Joon to fulfil their K-drama wishes. So now that you’re excited about this place, take a ferry from Gapyeong Ferry Wharf or zipline in style to reach Nami Island.

Once you reach this scenic island, hold your bae’s hand and take a walk down the pathways filled with majestic redwood trees and pine trees which seems to go on like a neverending dream. Capture Insta-worthy moments at the Metasequoia Road and Central Korean Pine Tree Lane which truly resemble South Korean paradise. If you’re an animal lover, then you can spend some time spotting cute bunnies, squirrels, and ostriches here. When you’ve had a great day admiring nature’s treasures, capturing scenic photos then gorge on delicious hotteoks ( Korean red bean pancake) at the Nami Island Sonata Cafe. Visit  Nami Island during the autumn season and witness your scenic imaginations coming to life thanks to the beauty of red-gold trees and breath-taking foliage-covered pathways.

2. Urban Camping At Nanji Camp

Do you remember those picnics with your family, where you spent the whole day packing your provisions, preparing your snacks, dragging the heavy barbeque grills across the street and ticking off things from your long picnic list? Well, at Nanji Camp in Mapo-gu, Seoul, you can go for a luggage-less picnic.  You don’t have to carry or plan a thing. Nanji Camp provides you with a unique camping experience where you can purchase all your provisions or rent your tents at the campsite itself. Rental tents with AC and heating devices along with electronic outlets here can ensure you have a pleasant picnic experience irrespective of the weather.

You can purchase fresh meat, snacks, chilled drinks, and barbeque grills at the quaint convenience store here. When it comes to your basic necessities like clean washrooms and shower rooms, your needs are taken care of by the facilities at Nanji Camp. So when you’re in South Korea, don’t miss out on an urban camping experience with your loved ones at Nanji Camp.

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3. Visit K-pop Concerts and Themed Cafes

If you’re the person who listens to K-pop band BTS’ chartbuster song ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ on loop, has posters of K-drama star Lee Min Ho, on your wall, mumble ‘Saranghae’ (I love you in Korean) to your bae, then a visit to the K-pop themed cafes and raving K-pop concerts should be on your bucket list. From roaming around various agencies to visiting idol-owned cafes, South Korea is every K-pop fan’s paradise Why? You might even run into your Oppa, RM on the streets. Stop squealing, and read more about all the things you can experience here.

Start your K-pop pilgrimage by having a cup of hot coffee at Kona Beans. This Hawaiian themed cafe is owned by K-pop band Super Junior’s member, Leetuk’s mother. With Super Junior’s pictures, fan art and other memorabilia adorning the cafe, what more can you ask for? Sip on freshly brewed coffee made from Kona beans and tap your feet to the iconic Mamacita song here. If you’re a fan of other bands like EXO, 2AM, and BIG BANG, then there are amazing idol owned cafes for you like Seungri, Nerd On Earth and Midnight In Seoul. So you can munch on amazing food, drink refreshing beverages and pay your reverences to your darling K-pop idols here. Once you’re done with your cafe visit, book your K-pop concert tickets in advance and watch your idols perform live. This is exactly what dreams are made of!

4. Jimjilbang- The Korean Spa Experience

Imagine enduring tiring weekdays then you find yourself in an amazing sauna that indulges you in the weekends. It is a reality in South Korea for they have establishments called Jjimjilbang. This word is derived from the word ‘Jjimjil’ which means heating. Essentially, it is a large public bathhouse that is open 24 hours, separate for different genders and fully furnished with hot tubs, showers, Korean traditional kiln saunas, and massage tables. Usually, jjimjilbangs will have different rooms with different temperatures to suit their guests’ preferences. 

The essentials used in the rooms have traditional Korean medicinal purposes. You can visit popular Korean bathhouses like the Dragon Hill Spa and Resort, praised by CNN as one of the best three saunas in Seoul. It’s also a popular shooting spot for many K-dramas, equipped with a series of facilities like spa, sauna, golf, Korean TV, and cinema. Dragon Hill Spa & Resort is the place to relax and how! And if you’re looking for a serene, unexplored spa then Itaewon Land Sauna is the place for you. Unlike your previous ‘touristy’ locations, this place is frequented by the locals. This is the largest traditional oak wood sauna in Korea and has spring water flowing from 300 meters underground. You can have a relaxing experience and eliminate toxins in your body thanks to the far-infrared heat used in the bathhouse here. So when it comes to a luxurious traditional spa and bathhouse experience, South Korea’s jjimjilbang is your relaxation heaven.

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5.  Shop Till You Drop

With 26 shopping malls and more than 30,000 speciality shops, you can totally unleash the shopaholic in you. Shop for some of the best Korean fashion at wholesale and retail prices here, at this largest commercial shopping avenue in Korea. Books, jewellery, clothes, shoes, utensils, toys, stationery, leather goods, office supplies you envision it and you can immediately purchase it at a great price here in Dongdaemun Market. What makes this place stand apart, is the midnight shopping culture which goes on all the way till the wee hours of the morning. So you can shop to your heart’s content all the way till 2 am.

Now that we’ve given you our list of 5 best experiences in South Korea as well as the opportunity to gorge on amazing Halal food during the Halal Restaurant Week 2019, what are you waiting for? Download your discount coupons and try out global cuisines from various Muslim-friendly restaurants in South Korea. We’re totally up for this, are you?

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