Harsh Goenka Shares How Our Favourite Indian Snacks Could Teach Us About Life

by Shreya Ghosh
Harsh Goenka Shares How Our Favourite Indian Snacks Could Teach Us About Life

India is known all around the globe for so many things from the rich culture and heritage to diversity and traditions to lip-smacking cuisines, and a lot more. And delicacies are something that always brings everyone together in one place. No matter if it is any cuisine, be it Vietnamese cuisine, Italian, Pan-Asian, Mexican, Continental, or anything else, Indian delicacies are always closer to the heart. Harsh Goenka shared something very special about Indian snacks recently.

Harsh Goenka Shares A Photo About Our Favourite Indian Snacks & Life Lessons

Indian cuisine is a vast spread of uncountable delicious uniquely-made dishes. And Indians do not miss a moment to appreciate the greatness of these foods. Recently, Harsh Goenka uploaded something on Twitter that shared a great message on food being a teacher and spreading wisdom. The industrialist shared a photo with our favourite Indian snacks and some lines of wisdom about these snacks captioning, ‘WISDOM FROM OUR FAVOURITE SNACKS’. The picture has a picture of dhokla, pani puri, jalebi, and chai. The picture with the foods and motivational quotes are linked below.

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Here Are The Life lessons:

  • The wisdom of dhokla is ‘Don’t underestimate yourself. The softest of people can withstand great pressure’.
  • For pani puri, the lesson is ‘Don’t lose hope. Sometimes when life breaks you, it also fills that hole with good things.’
  • Meanwhile, jalebi teaches us ‘It’s okay if you are not in the best shape of your life. Being sweet is all that matters.’
  • And chai gives the message, ‘Even your presence is enough to comfort you. Just be enough.’

The Twitter users totally loved this post by Harsh Goenka. The comments and responses under this post are very amusing. In fact, the foodies could relate to the post the most. Everyone’s love for Indian food is immense and his followers resonated with the motivational quotes completely.

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Here are some great responses: