Have You Ever Wondered About Prison Life? You Can Now Spend A Night In The Real Uttarakhand Jail For ₹500.

by Vinita Jain
Have You Ever Wondered About Prison Life? You Can Now Spend A Night In The Real Uttarakhand Jail For ₹500.

Is committing a crime the only way to enter prison? Well,  if you’re also fascinated about experiencing jail life for some time, then here’s interesting news for you. The Haldwani administration in Uttarakhand brings a  fascinating offer for travel enthusiasts. They’ve come up with a unique initiative to provide an imprisonment experience i.e. “spend a night in jail” for ₹500.

The department of prisons in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, has devised a unique method to help individuals avoid ‘bad karma’.This comes at a modest cost of ₹500 per night. Even cheaper than staying in a hotel! Prisons often receive “orders” from high-ranking officials to allow “recommended persons” to spend a few hours in the prison barracks. Well, this rule doesn’t remain the same any longer.

According to a Times of India report, Haldwani Prison was built in 1903 and consisted of an old armoury with six staff quarters, part of which remains abandoned, and now receives “prison guests”. Areas of the former prison are currently being renovated to provide accommodation for ‘tourists’ seeking an actual ‘prison’ experience.

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This Initiative Of Spending A Night In Jail Has An Astrological Aspect

Interestingly, some astrologers advise people to spend time in prison to avoid the horoscope mishap, “Bandhan Yog”, which predicts imprisonment. So, this initiative can prove handy for these people.

According to reports tourists who spend a night in this will be provided with food and clothing from the prison, including authentic prison uniforms.

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Telangana Introduced This Concept Six Years Ago

Spend A Night In Jail
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Sanhareddy District Central Prison, located in Telangana’s Medak District first opened the Prison Tourism Facility six years ago. It also allows tourists to spend 24 hours in prison for ₹500.

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Initially, the prison was transformed into a museum. But then Police Deputy Superintendent M. Lakshmi Narasimha proposed the idea of ​​’Feel the prison’. Since then it has expanded into a tourism category of its own —  jail tourism. 

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