Heard Of Fire Dosa? This Delhi Eatery Sets Fire To Your Dosa And Serves You

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 318

First came the Fire Paan, attracting avid paan lovers to stalls that offered the “Fear Factor” meets “Masterchef” treat. Next, entered the Fire Pani Puri, which was Insta-Worthy and perhaps delicious at the same time. And now, Fire Dosa makes an entry to the line-up of food theatrics of blazing snacks. A Delhi eatery is serving buttery dosas and lighting them on fire before serving them to hungry customers. Read on to know more.

Ayyer Ji Dosa In Delhi Serves Insta-Worthy Fire Dosas

At Ayyer Ji Dosa in Delhi’s Geeta Colony, you can feast on fiery dosas where the heat does not just come from the spices but from the blazing fire that’s topped on it. A video posted by @oye.foodieee on Instagram shows a street food vendor at Ayyer Ji Dosa preparing the Insta-Worthy Fire Dosa. First, the vendor prepares an ordinary dosa by ladling batter on the pan, topping it with sliced onions, tomatoes, coriander, chutneys and masalas. Next, he takes a huge slab of butter and melts it with a flame thrower on the dosa cooking in the pan. 

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Dosa Is Set On Fire Before Serving Customers

If this isn’t exciting, wait till you know the rest. The vendor then mixes the filling and garnishes it with grated cheese. Later he uses a flame thrower to roast the filling and empties it into a small kulhad, adding more butter and cheese for extra indulgence. Next, the crispy dosa is rolled in the shape of a cone and placed on top of the kulhad. Finally, the street vendor at Ayyer Ji Dosa sets the snack on fire. A massive yellow flame stands on top of the dosa like a perfect topping. Voila! The Fire Dosa is ready! This video went viral receiving over 2 million views. Meanwhile, have you tried Nagpur’s Fire Pani Puri? 

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