Heart Attack Coffee Made With 100g Butter Shocks The Internet

by Suchismita Pal
Heart Attack Coffee Made With 100g Butter Shocks The Internet

Coffee is a big part of our lives, not just because it is delicious. It is like a second home. It connects us with people, provides us comfort, and makes us feel safe. Coffee is the best friend that we need when we’re feeling lonely or tired. It is a drink that has helped shape the way we work, socialise, and even love in some ways. Having said that, butter coffee is also a trend that is gaining popularity in recent times. What’s more, some experts hold that adding 1-2 tablespoons of unsalted butter to a cup of coffee can be good for healthy skin, good immunity and much more. But imagine a huge slab of butter being added to your coffee! A Delhi food vendor just did that and it is not going well with most foodies.

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Coffee Made With Half A Slab Of Large Amul Butter!

Food Blogger Mehak Dhawan has uploaded a video of Amul Butter wali Coffee on her Instagram handle foodiesince96. In the video, the vendor is seen adding half a slab of a large packet of Amul butter into the drink. To make the coffee, the vendor first adds sugar to a jar of milk. He then adds coffee and the butter slab. He then brews the coffee until it turns frothy. After pouring the drink into a paper glass, he tops it with chocolate powder. Mehak has called the drink ‘Heart Attack Coffee with 100-gram butter’. In the caption she added that the coffee was not made for social media, the shop has been selling it for the last 3 years.


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The Coffee Is Grabbing Mixed Reactions

The butter coffee has received mixed reactions from the internet. Some people said that the high amount of butter was ruining the coffee, while some others found the drink delicious. What’s your say on this unique coffee? Meanwhile, Have You Tried The Butter Coffee Served Near Delhi’s Jama Masjid Yet?