Here’s Why You Might Find ‘Red Alerts’ On Packaged Food Items Online

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by Shreya Ghosh

Most of us have probably ordered packaged food items online at least once, if not always. Most people are dependent on various e-commerce websites to purchase all food items and groceries. It doesn’t really consume a lot of time and takes just a few minutes to place an order for all the necessities. Safe to say, some people can even point out everything on these websites’ interfaces. But did you know that these platforms may soon get some new norms for selling pre-packaged food items? Well, what are these changes? Let’s take a look at that!

This Is Why You Might See ‘Red Alerts’ On Packaged Food Items On E-commerce Platforms


Picture credit- Pixabay

All the online marketplaces selling pre-packaged food items might get ‘red alerts’ displayed on the packaging soon. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is working on a new plan for which e-commerce websites will need to show important health and nutritional alerts, as reported by the Economic Times. These front-of-the-pack nutritional alerts need to be presented on all the packaged foods that are sold online.

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FSSAI is currently working on this new proposal that will require online platforms to display any sort of unhealthy part of the food item.

This Is A Crucial Step For Everyone!

This is such a helpful and important step for all the customers. With the display of red alerts, anyone will be able to understand the unhealthy content present easily. No matter if that food item contains a lot of salt or sugar or something else unhealthy, all these will be mentioned as red alerts on the labelling.

This is an essential step to decrease the amount of consumption of junk food and unhealthy packaged food sold all around. The labellings will identify all the unhealthy content as red alerts and display it properly to all the customers.

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All the online marketplaces and websites that sell so many kinds of packaged food items will need to follow these new norms after this come into action. No matter, if it is a quick e-commerce platform, following this will be compulsory and mandatory.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay