Hina Khan Has The Ultimate Travel Hack For You & It’s Genius

by Shreya Rathod
Hina Khan Has The Ultimate Travel Hack For You & It’s Genius

Hina Khan is a well-known actress in the television industry in India. Our mothers swear by her acting skills. But do you know what else Hina is good at? Travel hacks. On her recent trip to London, she shared one of her go-to solutions for fresh socks. Take a look at this, and you will definitely give it a try. You will be impressed by this genius solution that you may or may not have known. 

Hina Khan’s Go-To Travel Hack


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A recent video posted by Hina Khan revealed her solution for fresh socks. It showed a coat hanger with wet socks hung on the grill of an air vent. The warm air from these vents will dry up wet socks. This method of drying socks is quite hilarious, to be honest, but practical as well. Especially for those cold winter trips where you need socks. Her innovative solution will definitely help a lot of travellers who find drying clothes difficult on trips. She received applause on Instagram as well. 

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Fans’ Reaction To This Quirky Solution

Most of her fans are rolling on the floors laughing and suggesting other methods that she can use as well.  One of them commented, ‘will send her a hamper of socks so that you don’t run out of them’. Others suggested using dirty ones rather than getting frostbite. While one wrote: ‘hotels have dryers and washers’. And another suggested using a hair dryer instead. Others lost control at her mention of ‘garam garam hawa’ However, many of them thanked her for this solution. 

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If you are going to a cold place and need to dry clothes, do try this unique hack. Comment below and tell us if you liked the solution and if it worked for you. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Hina Khan/ Instagram