Hina Khan Loves Stalking These Celebrities On Social Media

by Sushmita Mahanta
Hina Khan Loves Stalking These Celebrities On Social Media

Popular Television actor Hina Khan recently graced her presence on Curly Tales by enjoying a fun Tere Gully Mein episode with Chief Editor Kamiya Jani. In the episode, Hina is seen enjoying cheesy meals with host Kamiya, at different spots in Goregaon. While doing that, the actor also gives numerous sneak peeks from her life and her journey till now.
Read on to find Hina’s take on stalking and know which popular celebrities she likes to ‘stalk’ on social media.

Hina Khan Likes To ‘Stalk’ Priyanka Chopra And The Hadid Sisters On Social Media

On being asked which celebs she likes to stalk, Hina Khan reveals her choices to Kamiya Jani very gracefully. She says, “I think stalking means, you know, you check that person’s profile all the time. Okay, what activity is happening now? I don’t do that. Ya. If I hear praises about somebody ke this person has looked really beautiful in this particular gown, I will go on to his or her profile, to check what they have worn and how it looks. So I do that.”

Talking about which celebrities she loves checking out on social media, Hina Khan reveals, “I follow PC, then I follow Gigi. Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid. The Hadid sisters. Ya, so for fashion and all of that.”
Well, who wouldn’t check Priyanka Chopra and The Hadid Sisters on social media right? We get you Hina!

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What Else Did Hina Do In Tere Gully Mein?

The Tere Gully Mein episode with guest Hina Khan was a walk down memory lane for the actor. From recalling her memories of shifting to Goregaon in Mumbai from her home in Kashmir, settling down in Goregaon now, to having hearty laughs while remembering the old shops she used to eat at, Hina Khan was honest throughout the episode.

Hina Khan

So, if you want to watch Hina talk about her time in Mumbai, and her food preferences, look out for the new episode of Tere Gully Mein this Tuesday.