Hire A Camper Van In Maharashtra In ₹4000 A Day For A Dream Road Trip

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 4527

After months of being home arrested, you must be looking ways to beat cabin fever. Sure you can go for a road trip in your private vehicle but what if we told you that you can now rent a camper van and explore the wilderness? Yes, you heard that right. You can now go on a short road trip in a camper van. The campervans have everything from kitchen to bedroom, so you can park it park anywhere you like, by a river or a mountainside.

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Rent A Self-Driven Motohom Camper Van For ₹4000 A Day

Simply rent the self-driven Motohom camper van for just ₹4000 a day. This rate however, does not include the fuel cost and the GST. You will also have to pay an additional deposit of ₹5000. They are still quite reasonable as compared to the luxury camper. You get to book the smaller van for just ₹4,000 a day as opposed to the ₹21,000 for the bigger van.


The Van Can Accommodate 4 People

Get your family along as the campervan can comfortably accommodate four people. The only criteria is that you should be 22 or above for driving the vehicle. Are you worried about hygiene and safety? The regularly sanitised vans will put your fears at rest. Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Caravan For Road Trips In India.


Get A Chance To Explore Exotic & Scenic Locations Of Maharashtra

Besides, Motohom is providing exotic and scenic locations of Maharashtra with MTDC facilities. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) followed the footsteps of Karnataka and jointly launched campervans along with Mohotom. Here are 5 Amazing Offerings By Maharashtra Tourism For The Post-Pandemic World.

The mini home-on-wheels will allow you to explore the wilderness of the state. You can travel like a boss in the van. You can arrive and depart at your own convenience without having to worry about hotel accommodations. A camper van can simultaneously be your means of transport and your sleeping quarters.

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