Hotel Sees Increase In Job Applications After It Offers To Pay For Staff’s Funky Haircut, Tattoos

by Shreya Ghosh
Hotel Sees Increase In Job Applications After It Offers To Pay For Staff’s Funky Haircut, Tattoos

Just imagine your office provides you with great perks such as funky hairstyles, cool tattoos, trendy haircuts, and piercings. Well, it is not an imagination anymore as a German hotel company is doing exactly the same and the numbers of job applications and new recruits are completely changing. When every industry is doing something different for its employees, this German hotel group is taking care of its employees’ style and fashion game. It is indeed a very interesting and unconventional approach to getting new and more recruits to the company.

Free Funky Haircut, Tattoos, Or Piercings: Get Anything You Want!

We are talking about Ruby Hotels and this company is trending all around the world for such a distinct scheme. While most companies believe in offering insurance plans and vacations for their employees, Ruby Hotels’ strategies are just beyond anyone’s imagination. As per a CNN report, Ruby Hotels is giving its employees £500 for piercings, haircuts, or tattoos. But there is a condition to enjoy these perks. The hotel is providing £500 only to those new recruits who work for at least a period of 6 months. They can enjoy the benefits and perks after completing working their first 6 months.

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The Hotel Is Experiencing A Huge Increase In Job Applications

It has been not much long since Ruby Hotels launched this unique scheme. The German company started it in the month of June and already they witnessed a massive rise in job applications. The number of applications is increasing rapidly and the company saw an uplift of 25% in job applications. As there is already a shortage of staff in Europe’s hotel industry, this scheme is resulting in being very satisfactory. Uta Scheurer, Ruby’s vice president of human resources shared that the scheme’s goal is to reach those employees who are perfect for the job.

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Scheurer has also shared that the company is looking for those people who have great personalities. And most of the job applicants are very excited to get free tattoos as well. The company is expanding this scheme for some time after such success. They will also offer free tattoos to those employees who help in hiring a new recruit.