Hotels Around The World Are Lighting Up In Solidarity And Hope Amid COVID-19 Crisis

by Gizel Menezes

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly cast a pall of gloom in our lives. While people all over the world are facing large-scale lockdowns, the tourism industry has been catastrophically hit. In the midst of all this, as a sign of hope and solidarity, hotels all around the world are lighting up to show us that it is always the darkest before dawn.

Hotels Around The World Are Lighting Up; Bringing A Ray Of Hope

Several hotels around the world are either serving as quarantine centres or are providing free stay and services to those on the frontlines of the pandemic. Their continued service in these times of crisis is definitely bringing a ray of hope into our lives.

These hotels are also lighting up rooms in the shape of a heart as a show of love and hope to those affected by the deadly coronavirus. Here are some of the hotels that are spreading this message of positivity.

1. Intercontinental San Francisco

2. Radisson Blu MBD Noida

3. Intercontinental Frankfurt

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4. Taj City Centre Gurugram

5. Several Hotels and Casinos In Niagara Falls

Image Courtesy: CNN

6. Hotels In Dubai

Image Courtesy: Gulf News

This simple yet powerful act of illuminating windows to create the symbol of love aims to inspire hope throughout humanity.

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