How Is 5G Posing Risk To Air Travel? Here’s What Experts Say

by Suchismita Pal
How Is 5G Posing Risk To Air Travel? Here’s What Experts Say

Technological advancement is usually a welcome move. And while the entire world is eying on 5G to transform the digital scenario, major airlines are unsure about adopting it yet in full fledge. Air travel is lavish, comfortable and at the same time caters to lakhs of people worldwide. So, you must be wondering why are some airline companies obstinate to say a confident yes to 5G. It is because there are possibilities that this new wireless technology can interfere with the aircraft technology, create flight disruptions and lead to safety issues.

5G Dangerous For Air Travel: Experts

When the flight takes off, the crew members ask flyers to switch off their phones to avoid signal interference. So, how is 5G posing risk to air travel? 5G networks might create massive flight disruptions, according to experts. Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) has issued an warning that the 5G technology could interfere with the radar altimeters of the aircraft. You must be wondering what radar altimeters actually are. A radar altimeter is an instrument that measures the altitude of the plane. Thus, inappropriate or failure of signal from the instrument can cause accidents, especially when the visibility during landing is not clear.


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5G Rollout In The US Led To The Cancellation Of A Large Number Of Flights

Despite suffering mammoth financial losses during the pandemic, airlines like the Emirates, Air India, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways  suspended several flights to destinations like Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Florida, Orlando, New Jersey and more ahead of 5G roll out in the U.S. Some aircraft models were certified by FAA to operate with 5G. However, many others are yet to get a nod from the agency.

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After US telecom giants AT&T and Verizonome agreed to partially delay the activation of 5G network, some flights of Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways and Air France were restored on the US routes following necessary guidelines. Meanwhile, here are 9 Simple In-Flight Routine Steps To Remember Every Time You Air Travel During The Pandemic.