How To Make Delicious Dahi Papdi Chat At Home: 10 Recipes

by Vinita Jain
How To Make Delicious Dahi Papdi Chat At Home: 10 Recipes

Dahi Papdi Chaat is one of the most delicious street foods you’ll ever try. You can taste the sweet curd, crunchy papdi and sev, soft veggies, tangy chutneys, and fragrant spices. All in all, it’s the perfect chatpata snack to relish during the evenings. However, ordering and takeaways don’t work for dahi papdi chaat, as the chat turns soggy and loses its freshness. Well, why order when you can make dahi papdi chaat at home within minutes?

Here are some best recipes shortlisted for you. Check them out and treat yourself with flavourful dahi papdi chat at home.

1. Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika shares the recipe for luscious dahi papdi chaat. Also, check out the recipe for crunchy papdi.

2. Your Food Lab

Make dahi papdi chaat at home in just half an hour by following this recipe of Chef Sanjyot Keer. You can also learn to make crispy and khasta papdi at home which can be later served with tea.

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3. Chef Ranveer Brar

Check out this recipe to make exact restaurant-style dahi papdi chaat at home. Do take a glance at the chaat masala’s recipe that enhances the taste of papdi chaat.

4. Hebbars Kitchen

Guests are coming over and if you’re already running late, then check out this quick and delicious recipe for dahi papdi chaat and make it in just a few minutes.

5. Jinoos Kitchen

Check out this delicious, sweet, spicy, and tangy recipe for dahi papdi chaat.

6. CookingShooking Hindi

Do you also hate when your dahi papdi chaat turns soggy, then follow this recipe to make extreme crispy and crunchy papdis.

7. Your Food Lab

Chef Sanjyot Keer brings one more recipe for dahi papdi chaat. Check out this one for sure if you like your chaat to be spicy.

8. Rajshri Food

Many of you might like your dahi papdi chaat with bhalla. Well, here is a recipe for the same. Check it out and make street-style dahi bhalla papdi chaat at home.

9. Cook With Parul

Have leftover patashe/puri at home. Don’t know what to do with them. Make dahi puri out of it by following this super-simple recipe of Cook with Parul.

10. MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria

Master Chef Pankaj brings a delicious recipe for dahi papdi chaat along with three chutneys.

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