“How To Make Paneer” &” How To Get E-Pass” Are Among Google India’s Top 2020 Searches

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1388

Our Indian cottage cheese undoubtedly goes way beyond the mozzarella and ricotta. The happiness we feel in gorging on a mouthful of aromatic palak paneer is unparalleled. But during this lockdown, in order to consume food in a safe manner, many of us resorted to preparing our own paneer. Well, that’s not us, that’s what Google India states. Interestingly, ‘how to make paneer’ has emerged as one of the top searches on Google in 2020. Apart from this ‘how to increase immunity’, ‘lockdown’ and ‘how to get an e-pass’  are among Google India’s top 2020 searches. Read on to know more.

Many Foodies In India Search ‘How To Make Paneer’ On Google In 2020

Many foodies across India tapped on their devices to search for ‘how to make paneer’ on Google this year. This search for paneer was followed by ‘how to increase immunity’. Other top Google India searches include,  ‘how to get an e-pass’, ‘how to make Dalgona coffee’, ‘lockdown’ among others. With a variety of expert advice from dieticians and chefs to increase immunity, it’s no wonder these food searches are trending.

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Many people also searched for ‘how to make sanitizer at home’ after their hand sanitizer got over. With an increasing interest in homemade food and products, vocal for local is the way to go. Coffee lovers also searched for ‘how to make Dalgona coffee’. The frothy videsi version of phitti hui coffee took social media by storm. The Indian Express reports that this year people stay focused more on the well being of others rather than themselves. ‘How to donate’ search heartwarmingly trends on Google.

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Coronavirus Related Searches Also Trend On Google In 2020

Apart from food, when it came to travel, many people searched for ‘how to get an e-pass’. For various personal reasons, domestic travel remained a need for people. and getting an e-pass was a valid concern.  According to Times Now, there were also many coronavirus searches like ‘what is coronavirus’, ‘what is COVID-19’ and ‘what is plasma therapy’. Google reveals in a statement, “Looking back at the moments that captured India’s attention in 2020, Google India announced the ‘Year in Search’ results today. From the global pandemic to the history-making US elections, the Year in Search continues to recapitulate the top search trends, offering a unique perspective to the questions internet users have asked on Google Search.”  Meanwhile, here are the 10 most googled recipes for 2020. 

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