Top 10 Most Searched Recipes On The Internet Right Now

by Gizel Menezes
Top 10 Most Searched Recipes On The Internet Right Now

With neighborhood shops shut and food vendors off the streets, Indians have donned their Masterchef hats and taken over the kitchen. Whether its whipping up their favorite street food or some ice cream to beat the heat, Indians are using all the extra time on their hands to sharpen their culinary skills.

And of course, who better than Google to turn to for recipes, right? According to a recent Google Trends Report, people have been looking up for recipes more than ever before during this pandemic. In fact, recipe-related searches hit a new record high in India during the month of April, particularly peaking on Sunday, April 19.

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Google Reveals The Top 10 Most Searched Recipes On The Internet Right Now

So what are the recipes ruling over the Internet? According to the Google Trends Report, here’s the list of the Top 10 most searched recipes on the Internet right now!

1. Dalgona Coffee – This was obvious, isn’t it? A Korean drink that took the Internet by storm and made people rush into their kitchens and whip away till they couldn’t feel their hands. No wonder, it saw a record 5,000% search spike during the lockdown. Well, if you’re among those who haven’t succumbed to the trend yet, you can still give it a try. Here’s how you can make it.

2. Chicken momos – What’s life without momos, right? And especially when it comes to our favorite chicken momos, it’s difficult to stay away. So, of course, Indians turned to Google for the recipe, so much so that a 4,350% search spike was observed during the lockdown.

3. Mango ice creamYeh chubti jalti garmi main toh ice cream toh banta hai na. And with the king of fruits here, mango ice cream seems to be the top choice for Indians, noting a 3,250% search spike during the lockdown.

4. Cake – Aah, this is one recipe that is raging over the Internet and we’re sure every Indian household has made at least one cake at home during this lockdown. And if you haven’t, you must try this 3-ingredient no-bake recipe.

5. Samosa: With street stalls closed, the humble samosa is surely being missed. So Indians have taken to making samosa at home, after all it makes for a lovely evening snack!

6. Jalebi: Isn’t jalebi one of our all-time favorite desserts? Seeing freshly fried jalebis in front of our eyes is something most of us miss; so yes, Google recipe for the win!

7. Dhokla: This Gujarati breakfast item is so good that it can eaten during any part of the day, and it’s healthy too. And that’s why it’s one of the most searched recipes on the Internet!

8. Panipuri: This is another recipe that we’re all guilty of trying at home. Whether it’s making the spicy pani or the tangy imli ki chutni, we’ve all googled the recipe for it! But pani puri wali bhaiyya makes it best, yaar!

9. Dosa: Dosa makes the perfect breakfast companion, doesn’t it? Our Indian moms have surely turned to Google to perfect their masala dosa-making skills!

10. Paneer: All the vegetarians in the house, are you guys making paneer everyday, that’s why the search spike? But speaking of paneer, have you tried the cheesiest paneer makhani pizza in Mumbai? If not, you must take a trip when lockdown ends.


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What Are The Other Searches Trending On Google During Lockdown?

Apart from food, the Google Trends report also showed that coronavirus or COVID-19 was one of the most searched topic in India during the month of April.

Top trending searches included ‘Coronavirus tips’, which spiked over 5000% while ‘coronavirus prevention’ spiked at 2,300%.

The states with the highest search interest for the month of April include Meghalaya at first position, followed by Tripura and Goa at second and third respectively.

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