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Huma Qureshi
by Tooba Shaikh

On this episode of The Sunday Brunch, our editor-in-chief Kamiya Jani met the stunning Huma Qureshi. They strolled around on bicycles on the Juhu beach while they talked about everything that Huma Qureshi loves doing. She told us about a lot of things, from her chief motivation during her acting career to her old days when she used to go for a jog on Juhu beach every day. Watch the interview to find out all the juicy deets!

Huma Qureshi Kissed On A Beach

Among the many things that Huma Qureshi told us, this is probably the juiciest! In a rapid-fire round of questions, Kamiya Jani asked her if she has ever kissed in public. She wasn’t surprised or taken aback by the question at all. When Kamiya popped the question, she responded with a very casual “yes.” The affirmation was then followed by the detail that the kiss took place on a beach. We can only envy whoever the lucky person is and hope that he realised the absolute privilege of this moment!

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Importance Of Physical Movement And Bond With Father

Huma Qureshi

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Other than this cute detail, she shared many other things with us. She told us that exercise and physical activity have always been very important to her and she makes sure every day she does some form of physical workout, whether jogging or running. If only we had the same level of motivation and passion for exercise as her! She also told us that one of her major motivations to work hard and be successful is her father. She told us how her father has always been extremely supportive of her and that’s why she always wanted to make him proud! It is safe to assume that she accomplished this goal a long time ago.

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