Huma Qureshi & Kamiya Jani Cycle Around At Juhu Beach Before Relishing Indian Food | Curly Tales

by Shreya Rathod
Huma Qureshi & Kamiya Jani Cycle Around At Juhu Beach Before Relishing Indian Food | Curly Tales

We all know that Huma Qureshi, the Gangs Of Wasseypur diva, is a talented actress. Along with her desi aura, she has managed to shine at the box office. On the recent episode of Sunday Brunch, watch her and Kamiya Jani, Curly Tales Editor-in-Chief, go on a ride on the beach of Juhu, Mumbai. With so many things to talk about, Huma Qureshi and Kamiya Jani indulge in delicious Indian dishes only on Curly Tales.

Starting The Brunch With Cycling

A good start to the day is by doing some exercise. So, here we are on the Juhu beach with Huma Qureshi to do just that. She reveals that she has a lot of childhood memories of cycling. Also, the last time she went on a cycle ride was a few months ago. She got it as a present and the beach was a good place to try that. The start of Sunday for her depends on her shooting schedule. If she is in town, there is a good lunch at home with her friends. And December means delicious food.

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Huma Qureshi At Novotel, Juhu

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Credits: Curly Tales India

After cycling, Huma and Kamiya go to The Square at Novotel Hotel in Juhu. The plan is to indulge in delectable Indian food, including kebabs and biryani. Huma starts with Muhammad Ali Road kheema which she loves. For her, anything that is cooked well and with love is ideal for her. Also, when Kamiya asked the most asked question of Delhi food versus Mumbai food, she gave a very diplomatic answer. For her, Mumbai is home, however, Delhi’s food is slightly better. This alone can create a lot of people to turn their heads.

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To know more about Huma Qureshi’s life in Mumbai and her love for food, tune in to the Sunday Brunch episode linked above.

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