Huma Qureshi Loves Bonding With Her Family Over Hot Elaichi Chai | Curly Tales

by Tooba Shaikh
Huma Qureshi Loves Bonding With Her Family Over Hot Elaichi Chai | Curly Tales

You know the drill of Sunday Brunch! Our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani meets celebrities, talks to them on a number of topics, and takes them to gorge on delicious food. This episode featured the uber-talented Huma Qureshi and oh what fun did the two have on the beach! Before devouring a delicious spread of kebabs, burgers and qeema, they went out for a quick exercise session. They cycled on the Juhu beach to work up their appetites and had a lot of fun doing it.

Huma Qureshi Loves Bonding Over Elaichi Chai

After cycling in the glorious morning light, Huma and Kamiya made their way to chomp on some delicious food. During the meal, Kamiya quizzed on her on topics varying from her travel experiences, to the makeup essentials she carries in her bag. When asked if she prefers tea or coffee, she said she likes both. “During the day I like a nice black coffee, but if with parents, I prefer chai.”

She told us that for her,  chai has always been a family thing. She loves bonding with her family over a nice hot cup of dudh ki chai with elaichi, to use her own words. Clearly, our Huma is a huge family person and loves to spend time them. And there is hardly any better way to bond with one’s family than having long talks with them about nothing and everything over steaming cup of tea.

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Huma Qureshi
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Huma Is A Fitness Inspiration And Loves Physical Exercise

The interview was a lot of fun despite the fact that they were briefly very rudely interrupted by a crow. Huma, being the generous soul that she is, fed the crow a french fry and raita. Talk about a unique food combo! But, Mr. crow seemed to have enjoyed it. While cycling around the beach, Huma also revealed that she loves to exercise and do some physical exercise. Since childhood, Huma has been sporty and likes to incorporate some physical activity into her daily routine.

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We wish we had Huma’s willpower when it comes to exercising!

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