IATA: Government Should Lift Quarantine, Testing Rules, Restrictions & Bans

by Deeplata Garde
IATA: Government Should Lift Quarantine, Testing Rules, Restrictions & Bans

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a trade association for airlines. It has encouraged nations to abolish all travel restrictions. This includes quarantine and testing, for persons who have received a WHO-approved vaccination. COVID-19 progresses from pandemic to endemic status. IATA has urged non-vaccinated travellers having a negative pre-departure antigen test result to be eligible to fly without quarantine.

Governments should ease travel restrictions as soon as possible, according to IATA. Because passengers represent no more danger of COVID-19 transmission than the general population.

Willie Walsh, IATA’s Director General’s Statement

Experiencing Omicron has been a rollercoaster ride.  He stated that there is accumulating scientific evidence and opinion. This opposes the targeting of passengers with restrictions and country bans to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“The measures were ineffective. Today, Omicron may be found all over the world. That is why, with a few exceptions, travel does not raise the danger to the general public. Billions of dollars were spent on traveller testing. It would be significantly more beneficial if they utilized it to provide vaccines or enhance healthcare systems

Travel Limitations Have Less Influence On Omicron Spread

Oxera and Edge Health recently conducted a study.  It showed that travel restrictions have a very limited influence on preventing the spread of Omicron. According to the findings of the study:

  1. The peak of the Omicron wave can delay by only five days. There will be just 3% fewer instances. Only if the UK’s additional procedures regarding Omicron had been in place from November.
  2. In the absence of any testing procedures for travellers, the Omicron wave would have peaked seven days sooner. Along with an overall rise of 8% in cases.
  3. Omicron is so common in the UK. Removing all travel testing requirements make no difference on Omicron cases or hospitalizations there.

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