IIT Study Warns About A Devastating Earthquake In Uttarakhand’s Mussoorie & Nainital

by Shreya Ghosh

There is a high risk of Mussoorie and Nainital facing a huge earthquake and suffering massive losses as the quake’s consequences. These two hill towns of Uttarakhand are very much probable to experience a major earthquake, according to a report of a study conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. What are all the findings of this IIT research? What is the probability of this massive earthquake hitting these hill towns? To know it all, read till the last!

IIT Research Gives Warnings Of An Earthquake In Mussoorie & Nainital


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The research named “Next Generation Earthquake Loss Estimation Tool for Hilly Region” is a 4-year study of IIT Roorkee and this comes with so many details about the risk of a destructing earthquake. Yogendra Singh is a seismologist at IIT Roorkee and he shared that the calculations have been conducted considering many vulnerable hill towns and their topography as well, as reported by Hindustan Times. 

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The Next Generation Earthquake Loss Estimation Tool for Hilly Region has been conducted by surveying thousands of buildings in both Mussoorie and Nainital. The researchers used a software module for the calculations. 5,101 buildings in Mussoorie and 7,793 buildings in Nainital were a part of this IIT survey. After researching for a long time, it finally ended in January this year.

Mussoorie & Nainital Might Face A Loss Of A Humongous Amount

Chances are that this devastating earthquake can lead these two hill stations of Uttarakhand to suffer thousands of crores. According to this report by Hindustan Times, Mussoorie might face damage of about ₹1,054 crores and Nainital may suffer a loss of up to ₹1,447 crores.

Yogendra Singh shared how he and his team conducted the survey with the help of satellite images of Mussoorie and Nainital. They also used a ground survey of 10% of the houses there for the calculations. For calculating the cost, they used software that focuses on various sectors such as the area under structures.

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Yogendra further shared how he wants to conduct research for pointing out the most vulnerable places in these two hill towns of Uttarakhand. He has already talked with the government about this. He also shared how the construction process needs to be resistant to earthquakes.

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