In UAE, 3-Month Visa Is High In Demand, Say Travel Agents; Here’s Why

by Anupriya Mishra
In UAE, 3-Month Visa Is High In Demand, Say Travel Agents; Here’s Why

It’s no secret that Dubai reintroduced its three-month visa in May 2023, after it was briefly discontinued during the pandemic period. However, ever since its reintroduction, travel agents in the UAE, feel that the demand for this 90-day single-entry visa has been quite high. If you are also wondering why people of preferring the three-month visa, make sure to read about this phenomenon below.

High Demand For 3-Month Visa, Say Travel Agents

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Travel agents in the UAE have opined that many tourists are applying for a three-month visa to the UAE. Yes, according to a report by Khaleej Times, it was mentioned that these agents apply for up to 20 such visas a day! The reason why many people prefer a 30-day or 60-day visa is because of the price difference. As it happens, a 60-day visa costs AED650. However, it should be noted that this visa was introduced after the three-month visa was discontinued during the pandemic period. And ever since it was re-introduced in May 2023, the demand for this single-entry visa has risen.

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What Is The Reason Behind This?

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There are several categories of people according to the visa consultants in the UAE who apply for long-term visas. As such, these include people who happened to be parents or children of UAE residents, extended family members, people who want to spend an extended vacation in the UAE, or even visitors who just want to explore the country and settle down in the near future. So, it’s hardly surprising that the 90-day visa has become a top choice for people who wish to stay in the country for a longer period of time.

However, if you are wondering about the eligibility, there are two categories of the three-month visa. One includes those who are sponsored by residents that are immediate family members or friends with a deposit of AED1000. But the sponsor must have a salary bracket of AED6000 to AED8000 to fulfil this requirement. While for the second category is open to everyone who wishes to get a visa through travel agents, who will be their sponsors. All they will need for this, are just a passport copy and photos. The first category of the visa can set you back by around AED800, which also features a refundable deposit of AED1000 while the second category of the visa is available for a cost ranging anywhere between AED1200 to AED1400.

So, are you also someone who has a family friend, visiting for a long-term period on a three-month visa? Let us know.

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