India Tops The List Of 60% Of The Global Population That Suffered Due To Extreme Heatwaves In June

The deadly consequences were felt worldwide.

by Nikitha Sebastian
India Tops The List Of 60% Of The Global Population That Suffered Due To Extreme Heatwaves In June

A scorching heatwave gripped vast swathes of the planet in June, impacting nearly 5 billion people – over 60% of the global population, with a majority in India. These extreme heatwaves, scientists say, were at least three times more likely due to climate change.

Global Population Suffered Due To Heatwaves

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Climate Central researchers analysed global temperatures between June 16 and 24, revealing a staggering number.
4.97 billion people sweltered under the intense heat. The brunt of this heatwave fell on India (619 million), China (579 million), Indonesia (231 million), Nigeria (206 million), and Brazil (176 million).

The deadly consequences were felt worldwide. In Saudi Arabia, over 1,300 pilgrims perished from heatstroke during the Hajj pilgrimage, with some cities recording temperatures exceeding 50°C. Climate Central’s analysis linked this extreme heat in Mecca to climate change, with such high temperatures becoming increasingly likely since May.

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Over 40,000 Cases Of Heatstroke In India

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The heatwave wreaked havoc across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Greece witnessed the closure of the Acropolis in Athens due to soaring temperatures, with the tragic death of six tourists, including British TV doctor Michael Mosley. The Americas weren’t spared either. Back-to-back heatwaves slammed into the United States, with Mexico experiencing the brunt of the first one. Days later, the eastern US faced another intense heatwave, with New York reporting a surge in heat-related emergencies.

India battled one of its worst-ever heatwaves, with temperatures reaching near 50°C and nighttime lows of 37°C, the highest ever recorded. Over 40,000 cases of heatstroke and more than 100 deaths were attributed to this brutal heatwave. China too faced similar conditions, with record-breaking temperatures and power rationing due to surging air conditioning use.

Even in the Southern Hemisphere, countries like Paraguay and Peru experienced record highs in June, highlighting the global reach of this climate crisis.

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Experts warn that extreme heat is a well-documented consequence of climate change, driven by fossil fuel burning and deforestation. The IPCC emphasises that human-induced warming has increased the frequency and intensity of heatwaves. Events previously occurred once every 50 years and are now happening nearly five times more often.

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