India Urges US To Fast Track Business Visa. Travellers, Wait Time For Visa Appointment Likely To Improve

by Shreya Rathod
India Urges US To Fast Track Business Visa. Travellers, Wait Time For Visa Appointment Likely To Improve

Getting a United States visa is a tedious process. And, with wait times close to a thousand days, people are finding it difficult to fulfil their plans. Business travellers and students are facing a lot of trouble. Union Minister Piyush Goyal is taking efforts to fast-track the process of visa interviews for business travellers. Here are details of the new waiting period for people seeking to get a US visa.

US Visa For Business Travellers

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Minister Piyush Goyal was in discussion with the United States about the delay in the visa process and issuing them. Moreover, he stated that business travellers on both sides are waiting for their visas. Investments and the country’s economy will suffer due to this delay.

In order to avoid this, he had a meeting with the United States Representative at the India-US Trade Policy Forum. The revised wait time for B1 visas (Interview required) is a maximum of 571 days (Mumbai) and a minimum of 487 days (Kolkata). Further, those who have interview waiver visas will have to wait for a maximum of 182 days (Kolkata) and a minimum of 6 days (Chennai). Besides this, the waiting period is 109 days in Mumbai for interview waiver visas.

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Piyush Goyal On Waiting Period

Union Minister of Commerce and Industry states he is delighted that there is an improvement in the process of visa issues. Besides, it helps businesses to flourish and expand. This has also helped increase bilateral relations between both countries. The waiting period for B1 visas was close to a thousand days just two days before.

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Further, for student visas, Minister Piyush Goyal has asked the US to look into the matter. The recent waiting period for students is a maximum of ninety-five days.

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