Record-Breaking: US Issued As Many As 1,25,000 Student Visas To Indians In 2022

by Suchismita Pal 150

Many Indians think that getting a US visa isn’t an easy-peasy task. Firstly, there might be a long wait. Secondly, cracking the interview needs the day to be lucky for you. But here’s a piece of good news. The US has issued a record-breaking number of student visas to Indians in the fiscal year 2022. The US Department of State spokesperson, Ned Price, notified that the US Embassy and Consulates in India issued as many as 1,25,000 student visas last year.

India Might Grab The Second Position Soon In Getting The Maximum Number Of US Visas

US Visas

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As per reports, Price also assured that the US is working on cutting down waiting times for visa applicants. In this context, he added that the US is employing more US foreign and service staff to ensure faster visa processing. He also said that the process is recovering at a fast pace and will reach pre-pandemic levels in the coming years. Price also added that it is being anticipated that by the summer of next year, India will beat China in getting the number of visas. He also said India might soon have the second rank in getting the maximum number of US visas after Mexico.

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Travelling To The US From India In 2023? Good News For You!

US Visas

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2023 might be a good year for those who are planning to travel to the US from India. Reportedly, Indians have a slew of opportunities in Washington now, with categories available for students, business people, tourists and high-tech personnel. Also, the US has opened nearly 1 lakh slots for H and L worker visa applicants. The US Embassy in New Delhi will likely open slots in mid-November.

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So, if you had been waiting to plan your much-awaited US trip, the right time has arrived. So, start taking preparations ASAP.

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