No More Visa-Free Travel To Serbia For Indians From Jan 1, 2023

by Tooba Shaikh
No More Visa-Free Travel To Serbia For Indians From Jan 1, 2023

If you’re planning on visiting Serbia in the following year, then your travel prep just got a little bit more complicated. Earlier, Indian passport holders did not require a visa when travelling to Serbia for less than 30 days. This directive will soon not be applicable anymore, as Serbia has lifted its visa-free travel policy for Indians. So those travelling to the country will definitely need to apply for a proper visa and follow all the standard procedures needed when applying for a visa.

Visa-Free Travel To Serbia For Indians Terminated

This directive comes in light of the visa policy of the European Union, the main aim of which is to reduce and tackle the illegal migrant population. Owing to this, Serbia has ended the visa-free policy of entering the country for Indian citizens. The Indian embassy in Belgrade, Serbia, issued a statement regarding the same. It specifies that come 2023, the policy that allows citizens of India to travel visa-free to Serbia will be discontinued. This new directive will be implemented from the 1st of January 2023. This will make travelling to Serbia slightly more complicated than it was before.

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Visa-Free Policy Also Ended For A Few Other Countries

The embassy of India mentioned that if Indian Nationals want to apply for a visa then they should do so at the Embassy of Serbia in New Delhi. If there are any Indian Nationals residing outside of the country at the moment and wish to travel to Serbia, then they can also apply at the embassy of Serbia located in the country they are currently residing at. Apart from India, Serbia also lifted the visa-free policy from other countries earlier this year. These countries are Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, and Tunisia.

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