Indian Airlines: Doing These Things On An Airplane Can Land You Straight In The Jail

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Indian Airlines: Doing These Things On An Airplane Can Land You Straight In The Jail

Air travel is readily available today and people can easily book their tickets and set off. But during the past several days, reports of indecent behaviors, misbehavior with air hostesses, and molestation of female passengers have all surfaced, and these events are on the rise. These reports are embarrassing for the nation. Let’s take a look at activities that can send you to jail if you are found guilty in an airplane as per guidelines by Indian airlines.  

Indian Airlines: Activities Prohibited On Plane

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Let us inform you that the government has granted the DGCA this authority in accordance with the Indian Aircraft Rules of 1937. In accordance with this authority, Sections 22, 23, and 29 of the DGCA Act provide for the punishment of passengers do not abide by some important rules. 

List of activities prohibited:

  1. Consuming alcohol over the limit and creating nuisance for other passengers
  2. Using obscene or abusive language with fellow passengers or crew members
  3. Causing unneccesary disturbance in the flight
  4. Purposefully stopping a crew member from performing their duties
  5. Indulging into life-threatening behaviour
  6. Indulging into physical abuse

Indian airlines and the authorities have taken strict action against all the passengers who were found guilty for indulging into such activities. Some of them have also been added to ‘No-Fly list’.

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No-Fly List

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In addition to detailed “No-fly list” requirements, the government established measures in 2017 to stop disruptive passenger behavior on flights. When a passenger’s actions are perceived by the airline as being disruptive, the pilot in charge complains. It will be taken care of by the internal panel. 

While the inquiry is ongoing, the airline has the right to suspend the passenger for up to 30 days. The committee makes a decision in 30 days. It specifies the length of time the flyer will be unable to go. If the panel cannot come to a decision within the given time, the passenger is free to board the flight. 

Passengers who in any way interfere with the regulation’s operations are put on the list, according to Indian Airlines. (As per News Day Express)

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