Indian Govt Refuses United Airlines For Codeshare With Emirates On Indian Routes. Here’s Why

United Airlines
by Shreya Ghosh

United Airlines requested the Indian government to put its code marker on the Emirates flights flying on air routes from India. But the government has recently turned down this formal request of the American airline. Though there is a deal between both these airlines, the Indian government rejected United Airlines to codeshare with Emirates in a recent development. Read on to know the reason why the government is saying no to this formal request.

This Is Why The Indian Government Did Not Allow The Codeshare Deal On Indian Routes

United Airlines

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The reason behind this refusal is that the codeshare arrangement does not fall under the traffic rights agreement between India and Dubai, according to a report by Economic Times. The already existing agreement does not let any other airline come in between and be a part of a codeshare arrangement.

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Sir Tim Clark, the incumbent President of Emirates stated that the Indian government rejected United Airlines’s approach to put their code on the Emirates flights flying from India, as reported by Paddle Your Own Kanoo.

In other news, the Dubai government made an effort to make some changes in their bilateral air services agreement. But the Indian government also turned down this request of the Dubai government. They made the proposal so that the airlines of Dubai can penetrate well in India and get a better approach than before.

Here’s All You Need To Know About The Codeshare Deal Between United Airlines & Emirates

United Airlines

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The codeshare deal between these two airlines was made in September 2022. According to this deal, United Airlines is supposed to sell seats on Emirates flights. The American airline can do it on 27 destinations and 8 of these are coming under India. Another segment of the deal is that United Airlines can put their codes on the Emirates aircraft. This will allow the airline to get a share of all the sold tickets. This is a huge step to increase the airlines’ visibility and network all around.

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