Indians With Valid Work, Resident Permit Can Return To UAE From July 12 To July 26

by Sanjana Shenoy
Indians With Valid Work, Resident Permit Can Return To UAE From July 12 To July 26

India and the United Arab Emirates governments have now agreed to permit their flights to carry passengers authorised to travel between the two countries. This is a major relief for Indians who need to return back to the UAE for work, families or their homes. The two countries allowed their airlines to ferry people on charter planes between July 12 to July 26. However, only those with the valid residence permit of UAE will be allowed to travel to the Middle East country. The UAE also imposed two conditions for passengers travelling back to its country. Read on find out what they are.

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Air India To Fly Eligible Indians To UAE From July 12 To July 26

On July 9 Air India announced” ICA approved UAE residents ( returning to UAE from India) can travel on Vande Bharat Mission (VBM) flights operated by it and AI Express on India-UAE sector from July 12 to July 26.” A senior official of a UAE airlines stated to TOI that airlines of UAE are now allowed to fly eligible passengers both ways from July 12 to July 26.

Only Passengers With Valid Work & Residence Permits Are Allowed

But eligible passengers are only those who have a valid residence permit of UAE. Only these people will receive permission to enter the country. The UAE government also imposed two conditions for passengers returning back to its country. First, a traveller with a valid residence permit needs to take UAE Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) approval before boarding any flight to return to the country. People can do this online. Second, passengers must carry COVID-19 test result of the PCR test. Travellers must conduct this test not more than 96 hours before departure.

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Indian Nationals Can Travel To UAE On Charter Flights

Charter flights operated by UAE carriers will also be permitted to get Indian citizens from the UAE to India. The ministry announced that these flights can carry ICA-approved UAE residents on their return leg. Ministry of Civil Aviation announced on July 9 that all residents of UAE who wish to return back from India can do so on Vande Bharat Mission flights commencing from July 12 till July 26. Indian nationals can also fly back on charter flights operated from UAE to India.

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In June, the UAE objected to Air India flights entering the country despite it ferrying UAE nationals from India. Passengers who wished to fly to UAE from India needed to seek approval from the UAE Embassy in New Delhi. Many Indian national who had valid residence permits of the UAE, stranded in India, complained on social media about the lack of flights between the two countries.

Passengers Can Book Tickets Through Air India Website

UAE and India made arrangements for the same. So, Indians with valid work and resident permits can return to the UAE from July 12 to July 26. Passengers can book their flights through the Air India website, call centre or authorised travel agent. Travellers with a valid resident permit must also submit a health declaration form, download the COVID-19 DXB Smart App and submit a quarantine undertaking form. Well, if you wish to visit the Middle East for leisure but cant do so right now, then don’t worry, go on this virtual tour of Yas Islands, Abu Dhabi.