India’s First Hydrogen Train Is Expected To Run From Haryana’s Jind By March 2024

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
India’s First Hydrogen Train Is Expected To Run From Haryana’s Jind By March 2024

Indian Railways’ first hydrogen train is anticipated to depart from Haryana’s Jind district by March 2024. This move will provide a significant boost to the nation’s transport network’s greening. Shobhan Chaudhry, General manager of Northern Railway (GM) announced this news during her visit to Haryana’s Jind district. The first prototype of this train is also expected to run next year. Here is all you need to know about India’s first environmentally beneficial train. 

India’s First Hydrogen Train By March 2024

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India is soon going to have its first hydrogen train which will run from a district in Haryana. 

Jind in Haryana will be the location of the nation’s first hydrogen factory. The Jind plant now under construction has entered its final stage of development and is anticipated to be finished by December 2023.  

The Northern Railway’s Jind-Sonipat section will host the first prototype. They claimed that since trains are now powered by both fuel and electricity, this endeavour would be novel for the nation. 

The Northern Railway has set a goal of launching the first prototype of the eight-bogies, hydrogen fuel-powered train between Jind and Sonipat in the current fiscal year 2023–2024. 

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An Environmentally Beneficial Choice

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Wondering what hydrogen train is? Well, these trains run on hydrogen fuel cells, unlike others that run on conventional diesel engines. The hydrogen fuel cells combine oxygen and hydrogen to create electricity, this electricity is later used to drive the motors of the train. 

Hydrogen trains are way more environmentally beneficial as compared to traditional diesel trains. This is because hydrogen trains do not emit hazardous pollutants like nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, and particulate matter. Talking about its advantages, one more advantage is that hydrogen is a sustainable fuel as it is generated using clean, renewable energy sources like wind, solar, or hydropower.

Safety should be the primary concern before using this technology on a larger scale, according to experts.

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