Indo-Bhutan Rail Link: Updates So Far, Progress And All You Need To Know About It

Indo-Bhutan rail link
by Tooba Shaikh

India and Bhutan have had longstanding good relations. Currently, the two countries are in the process of creating the rail link that connects them with each other. The rail link will boost tourism across the two countries and will improve bilateral relations. This particular rail link will be the first ever that connects Bhutan to India. While not many other details are known about the Indo-Bhutan rail link yet, here are the details we do know.

Indo-Bhutan Rail Link: All You Need To Know

Indo-Bhutan rail link

Image Credits: Canva Images

The Indo-Bhutan rail link is said to be completed by the year 2026. It is said that the railway line will be a total of 57 kilometres long. It will connect the Indian state of Assam to Gelephu in Bhutan. The two countries have rich cultural heritage and a lot to offer to tourists in terms of experience.

Hence, it is believed that the rail link will be beneficial for both countries. It will also help in improving bilateral relations between India and Bhutan. According to an article recently published by MoneyControl, the foreign secretaries of the two countries recently met.

On the 30th of July, Vinay Kwatra and Pema Choden met and conveyed India’s commitment to partnering with Bhutan. The rail link is part of the same commitment. Pema Choden is the foreign secretary of Bhutan and Vinay Kwatra is the Foreign secretary of India.

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To Boost Tourism In Both Countries

Indo-Bhutan rail link

Image Credits: Canva Images

On the 7th of August, S Jaishankar,  the External Affairs Minister commented on the decision to make a rail link between the two countries. He even expressed that it will be immensely beneficial to the tourism industries of both India and Bhutan.

According to an article by Zee News, he even stated that Bhutan was very keen on increasing the points for tourists in the country. It is hoped that the boost in tourism will aid in the improvement of the economies of both countries. More details about the rail link will be revealed as and when the project progresses.

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