Inter-District Travel Not Allowed In Maharashtra Without An E-Pass; Here’s How To Get One

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar1923

Maharashtra has extended its lockdown-like curbs till June 15 with slight relaxations. While the cases have dropped in the city, it is still at the first-wave level. The government has, therefore, imposed restrictions on movements within the state and made an e-pass mandatory to travel within the state. That said, not everybody is eligible to get an e-pass. You need a valid reason to travel within the state. Here are the rules.

Are There Any Rules To Apply For An E-Pass?

You need not apply for a travel pass if you’re a government official or involved in emergency services. However, you can travel outside of your district only for emergency reasons, which include extreme medical emergencies, the death of a relative, or marriage. Here are 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Applying For E-Pass During The Lockdown.

How To Apply For An E-Pass?

Maharashtra Reintroduces E-Pass System For Emergency Inter-State And Inter-District Travel Amid Curfew. You can apply for an e-pass online on Your application will then be sent to the local police jurisdiction for processing depending on your place of origin.

Do You Require Any Addition Documents For The Application?

You would need valid identity proof, medical fitness certificate, proof of reason of travel like wedding card, medical report, or death certificate in the case of death. You should provide the document for other emergency purposes. Invalid or inadequate documents can result in the rejection of an e-pass.

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How Long Does It Take For The Administration To Issue An E-Pass?

Every police jurisdiction has a dedicated team to process the applications. For example in Pune, the police have formed three special teams, for round-the-clock processing of applications. You can expect the approval within a day or latest by one day before the travel date.

Remember that an excess number of co-passengers than the prescribed limit as per the government norms can also lead to rejection of your application. It is imperative to abide by all norms during travelling.

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