It’s Official! Kochi Ranks 7th On The List Of World’s Best Travel Cities 2020

by Vidisha Khaitan 1858

Your expedition outline for 2020 is out and India is on it. We’re not the ones saying it, popular travel guide Lonely Planet is. The world’s annual bucket list has been revised for a 15th edition and the best cities that made the cut will surprise you. Everybody wants to get on it before crowds begin to congest spaces. Lucky for us, we Indians don’t need to go very far to start on that travel list.

What is it

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Kerala’s crown jewel Kochi has proved its splendour once again. It is currently the seventh best city in the whole world for travel. It has been a sought-after destination for long but now more than ever. This list has put the little coastal carnival on the map. It has never before received so much attention and it’s been long overdue.

What’s it got

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Kochi is a travel town of colonial streets and heritage walks. Magnanimous Chinese fishing nets cover the Malabar coast in pleasing patterns. The city is a center of all things history with a long list of distinctive attractions that blend together to form a wholesome experience of India’s diversity. Kerala Folklore Museum, Indo-Portuguese Museum and Indian Naval Maritime Museum are three very different very beautiful gems. Churches and synagogues enjoy equal respect, as do the Dutch and Jewish cemeteries. Kochi has a rich history and its architecture represents it well.

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Tourists on travel are made to feel at home with boho cafés and intimae homestays binding strangers across town. The main magnetic bait is the art in Kochi. Forward thinking Kashi Art Gallery create an aura of freedom. Asia’s biggest contemporary art festival, Kochi-Muziris Biennale is held by this little shore of the Arabian sea. It’s the largest art exhibition in India. It lasts about 3 months with more than 600,000 visitors, over 10 venues and about a hundred artists. The funds are used for governmental relief programs and artists get some much-needed exposure.

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What’s more


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The world’s first fully solar-powered airport is serving in Kochi! This tropical travel land has made the best use of the sun. it has been hailed worldwide for renewable energy with the UN Champions of the Earth award. The age of green is floating under global warming’s suspended sword, hovering above our bleeding lungs. Kochi has embraced the new world before any other city on this overpopulated planet. Kudos to Kochi!

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We couldn’t be prouder of how India’s nooks and corners have so much to offer. Global recognition is a major boost to tourism and thus, economy. Our travel list within the country is never ending, how will we ever get to the rest of the world’s 10 best cities, we will never know. For now, make your plans for 2020 Kochi art fest!