Japan And South Korea Are Grappling With Winter Storms & Sub-Zero Temperatures. You May Wanna Cancel Your Travel Plans

winter storm
by Shreya Rathod 175

Among the Asian countries, Japan and South Korea have well-established tourism networks. South Korea’s famous K-Pop, a blend of ancient culture and modern technology and Japan’s beauty and diversity of being the oldest civilisation is what makes both countries favoured destination. However, the weather in both countries has become unbearable for the locals. This may have a negative effect on the tourism industry. Take a look at the winter storms these countries are grappling with.

Japan Hit By Winter Storms

winter storm

Credits: Wikimedia (Rep Img)

Weather officials have warned of a storm in areas along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, there is a snow blanket covering some of the areas. Officials suspect this to be the lowest temperature in decades. According to the Chief Cabinet Secretary, it is suspected that people have died due to low temperatures. Passengers travelling by trains were forced to stay overnight at stations. Also, many flights are cancelled due to disruptive weather.

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South Korea’s Weather Conditions

winter storm

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While South Korea’s mainland is facing low temperatures, its famous tourist island is covered  in snow. Jeju Island, a popular tourist destination, witnessed a winter storm. This has caused the airport authorities to stop flights. A total of 466 domestic and ten international flights were cancelled. This has left many travellers stranded at the airport itself. As for Seoul, the city is expecting heavy snowfall as well. The country is witnessing sub-zero temperatures.

These weather conditions in Japan and South Korea have left travellers stuck with no way out. Also, the dropping temperatures are affecting people’s health. So, if you are planning to visit these Asian countries, then think twice. The weather may not be suitable for travelling right now.

We suggest, wait it out and make an informed travel decision to these countries.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia (Rep Img)