Amidst Rising Cases In China, The Country To Scrap Quarantine Restrictions For Visitors From The New Year

by Shreya Ghosh
Amidst Rising Cases In China, The Country To Scrap Quarantine Restrictions For Visitors From The New Year

Once again different countries are witnessing a surge in positive COVID cases. And in between this sudden increase in the outspread of the virus, China decided to end the quarantine restrictions for travellers flying from different countries. The country is scrapping off the strict COVID rules and this is coming into action from January 2023. The decision is taken at such a point in time to boost the economy with more tourist footfall. If you are planning to travel to China, here’s all you need to know.

China Will End Quarantine Restrictions For Inbound Tourists

There are different restrictions and rules that visitors to China need to follow and soon there will be no such strict COVID regulations to maintain. When it comes to the COVID rules, inbound travellers will only need to undergo PCR testing 48 hours before departure and present a negative COVID test result. The National Health Commission announced on Monday that China is easing the quarantine and COVID restrictions from 8 January.

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Right now, the inbound travellers are still following a quarantine period of 8 days. On the first 5 days, they are quarantined in a quarantine central facility and for the next three days are in the comfort of their home.

The Country is Easing Curbs By Scrapping Off Many COVID Restrictions

Various reports are stating how China is putting an end to limited flights from and to the country with international countries. In fact, they are scrapping off the specific passenger numbers too. In fact, visa applications will start soon for inbound travellers flying to the country for work, business, and studying. Whether the authorities will facilitate visa applications for tourists is not sure at the moment.

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The US May Layout Travel Rules For Travellers From The Asian Country

With the surge in the outbreak of the virus in China, the US government may revise COVID-19 restrictions for visitors from China. The decision is taken because of the lack of transparent data. In fact, countries such as India, Japan, and Malaysia also decided to impose rules on visitors travellers from China.

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