Japan Restaurant Serves Giant Sesame Ball; Netizens Call It “Bhatura Ka Baap”; Here’s What It Is

Is it an Indian bhatura or a Japanese sesame ball? Guess it!

by Shreya Ghosh
Japan Restaurant Serves Giant Sesame Ball; Netizens Call It “Bhatura Ka Baap”; Here’s What It Is

Imagine relishing a hot and soft bhatura with a bowl of spicy chole and onion lachha. Are you craving this delectable combo now? Well, there is a restaurant in Japan that recently caught Netizens’ attention, especially desi foodies from India. This restaurant serves a huge sesame ball and its shape and appearance resemble our favourite bhatura. Let’s take a look at this delicious delicacy.

THIS Restaurant In Japan Serves Mouth-Watering Sesame Balls

むにぐるめ(唯一無二の絶品グルメ) (@muni_gurume_japan) shared a glimpse of preparing this fried deliciousness on Instagram.

Munigurume restaurant in Japan is famous for making this giant sesame ball. Foodies loved to relish this special and one-of-a-kind crispy dish. Nestled only 5 minutes away from Ueno station in Tokyo, sesame balls found here are usually bigger than the size of our faces. Get off the station and walk for 5 minutes to head to Munigurume and enjoy this scrumptious dish.

The video shows a cook putting a dough ball on a large-sized wok dipped in hot oil. He continuously rotates and fries the ball using a ladle until it rises fully and gets the desired golden brown colour and a crispy and flaky texture. The reel also shows someone bursting the giant sesame ball into halves to savour it.

Netizens are amused to see the preparation of Japan’s sesame ball and how it looks like India’s iconic bhatura. Instagrammers are giving it a lot of fun names, starting from “cosmic bhatura” to “bhature ka baap” to “dragon ball”. Someone even called it a “Japanese Bathura” and we understand why the user named it so. A comment read, “Order seven of this, Shenron will come” and Dragon Ball fans can relate to it.

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More About This Delicacy

Japan Sesame Ball
Picture credit- Instagram/ むにぐるめ(唯一無二の絶品グルメ) (@muni_gurume_japan)

Each rice ball dough is layered using sesame seeds before frying it. The chef usually starts frying it at a low temperature. It is extremely important to focus on cooking at the perfect temperature. Throughout the process, the chef uses a ladle to pour oil on the ball placed on the wok.

Frying this crispy textured fried dough ball is a tricky process. The cook needs to focus on frying it all the time till it gets bigger and crispier with every rotation. Once the ball gets larger with the perfect volume and golden-brown colour, it is ready to be served.

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Do you wish to relish a giant crispy sesame ball? If yes, make sure to indulge in a feast during your next trip to Japan.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ むにぐるめ(唯一無二の絶品グルメ) (@muni_gurume_japan)

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