Jet Airways’s Sanjiv Kapoor Cleared His London Arrival Immigration In 10 Seconds; This Is How

Sanjiv Kapoor
by Tooba Shaikh

If you’ve travelled internationally via aeroplanes and if you do so frequently, you know that one of its most agonising aspects is the time it takes to clear immigration. It is a hassle and can sometimes leave a bad taste in your mouth. Sanjiv Kapoor, the CEO of Jet Airways, in a tweet thread, recently revealed that he was able to clear the immigration at Heathrow International Airport in London in just 10 short seconds!

Sanjiv Kapoor Cleared His London Immigration In 10 Seconds

Sanjiv Kapoor, not the dynamic chef, but the dynamic CEO of the world-famous airlines Jet Airways recently took to Twitter to share his unique travel experience. He revealed on the micro-blogging website that he was able to clear his arrival immigration at Heathrow airport in London in just 10 extremely short seconds.

Yes! Seconds, not even minutes! He was able to do that owing to his e-enabled passport. Essentially, the e-enabled passport is a passport with a chip installed that contains all the biometric information of the holder.

Passengers are then processed by a digital mechanism rather than undergoing manual inspection by the airport authorities. This means that the procedure happens at a lightning-fast speed and the passenger doesn’t have to wait in long exhausting queues.

Sanjiv Kapoor was able to clear his arrival immigration in London in just 10 seconds because of this. Heathrow Airport has kiosks for e-passports and going through them enables hassle-free travel.

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Facial Recognition Can Enable Faster Processing Of Passengers

The tweet thread also goes on to specify that if a particular individual is enrolled in the Global Entry program by the US Customs and Border, they too can clear quickly clear immigration. Those who are enrolled in the Global Entry program, can also clear arrival immigration in just 10 seconds.

This happens because of facial recognition technology that processes passengers at an extremely high speed. Furthermore, owing to these facilities, there won’t be any departure immigration required for passengers. The US Global Entry program is available to Indian passport holders at a fee.

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