Johnny Depp Enjoys The Best Indian Curry At A Restaurant Named Varanasi In UK

by Shreya Ghosh
Johnny Depp Enjoys The Best Indian Curry At A Restaurant Named Varanasi In UK

It has been some days since Johnny Depp emerged victorious in the defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The Pirates of The Caribbean actor is celebrating the win and having an absolute gala time. Just last night, he was seen in a popular Indian restaurant in the UK named ‘Varanasi’. Everyone around was stunned to see Johnny Depp. He entered the restaurant by the back entrance and gorged on Indian delicacies.

Johnny Depp Had An Amazing Time At Varanasi In The UK

The Hollywood actor made an entry into the restaurant at around 7:30 pm from the back entrance. He met his long-time friend Jeff Beck at the popular restaurant. They are going to a concert soon and the crew of the concert, the security team, and overall 20 of his friends also tagged along in Broad Street’s restaurant. He spent almost 4 hours in Varanasi and the gates were closed for other guests during that time. The staff and other members of the restaurant were excited to see him and all of them clicked pictures and interacted with the Hollywood actor.

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Johnny Enjoyed The Best Indian Curry At Varanasi

Johnny and his guests enjoyed lip-smacking Indian dishes in the private dining room. Mohammed Hussain, the operations director of Varanasi, shared all the deets from last night with the Daily Mail. Their vast meal included the yummiest cocktails, appetisers, main course, and desserts. The restaurant prepared special delicacies for the star and his guests. They relished shish kebabs, chicken tikka, paneer tikka masala, lamb karahi, and tandoori king prawns, cheesecake, and panna cotta.  In fact, a staff heard that Johnny Depp shared that it was his tasted best Indian curry. He loved the food so much that he even took a takeaway back to his hotel room.

The actor surely had a delightful time with his known and loved ones and the cherry on the cake was the goods and dishes. As per reports, Johnny Depp spent almost $62,000 at the Birmingham restaurant last night. Mohammed Hussain said, ‘money was no issue, and it was easily in five figures’.

Here’s How The Restaurant And His Fans Reacted