Kanchenjunga Visible From Siliguri Thanks To Clear Sky

by Sanjana Shenoy
Kanchenjunga Visible From Siliguri Thanks To Clear Sky

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and for the people of Siliguri, West Bengal, they witnessed the world’s third-largest mountain, Kanchenjunga. Thanks to the low levels of pollution, the air is clearer and so is our range of beautiful gifts of nature that surround us. The residents of Siliguri are enjoying the mesmerising views of the snowy peaks of Kanchenjunga. This is definitely heaven on earth.

Snow-Capped Kanchenjunga Now Visible From West Bengal’s Siliguri

The world’s third-highest mountain peak, Kanchenjunga situated in Nepal is now clearly visible from Siliguri, West Bengal. The peak is around 100 km away from Siliguri. For the residents of Siliguri, this is a sublime and magical moment to wake up to the sight of these tall and proud sentinels of our world.  The reason behind residents of Siliguri being able to view Kanchengjuna from a distance is due to the clear skies. The mountain was visible from this West Bengal town earlier also in 2020, due to a dip in pollution levels amid COVID-19 lockdown.


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Mountain Ranges That Were Visible From Distances During Lockdown

Not only Kanchenjunga, but other stunning mountain ranges were also clearly visible from great distances during the nationwide lockdown of 2020, all thanks to the reduced pollution levels. The Dhauladhar range in Himachal Pradesh was visible from Jalandhar in Punjab. This Himalayan range is nearly 200 km from Jalandhar. The Pir Panjal Range was visible from Kashmir’s Srinagar. Also, several footages of River Ganga shared on social media showed us how the holy river looked absolutely clean to the extent that it was called fit for drinking purposes after some customary treatment.