Kangana Ranaut Reacts To Spoof Video And Lashes Out On Qatar Airways Chief

by Sanmita A
Kangana Ranaut Reacts To Spoof Video And Lashes Out On Qatar Airways Chief

Actor Kangana Ranaut once again becomes the talk of the town after she falls for a spoof video and calls the Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker an ‘idiot of a man’. Kangana makes hard-hitting, controversial statements that usually land her in a soup. So Kangana reacted to a clip, which is now viral, where a user dubbed the video of Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker’s interview with a noted international media channel.

Kangana’s Reaction To A Spoof Video

Without confirming the video’s authenticity, the 35-year old Padma Shree Award winner quickly reacted to the dubbed video. In the video, Akbar Al Baker is made to sound like he is personally appealing to Vashudev (another user) to call off the boycott of Qatar Airways by the Indians.

Watch the video here –

Kangana angrily reacted to the video, which she had mistaken to be true. She wrote All so-called Indians who are cheering this bully for making fun of a poor man remember this is exactly why you all are a big bojh (burden) on this overpopulated country’ in one of her Instagram stories.

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She continued and wrote in another story, ‘This idiot of a man has no shame bullying a poor man, mocking his insignificance and place in the world…’

However, after realising her mistake, she was quick to delete the Instagram stories she had put in support of Vashudev.

16 Countries Protest Against India

After a BJP spokesperson’s hurtful remarks, 16 countries, including Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Malaysia, the UAE, Jordan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bahrain, Maldives, Libya, Turkiye and Indonesia are officially protesting against India.

India was quick to comment on the issue stating that the offensive tweets and comments did not represent the views of the Indian government.

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