Kashmir’s Samba Enhances Border Tourism With 40 Homestays; 8 Things To Do Here

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by Mallika Khurana
Kashmir’s Samba Enhances Border Tourism With 40 Homestays; 8 Things To Do Here

Samba District has revealed plans for a ground-breaking project to promote tourism along the International Border (IB). There are forty distinct homestays available to visitors, providing an unmatched chance to observe farming operations on the zero line and become fully immersed in the lively local culture.

Samba District Has Homestays For Intrepid Travellers

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Photo Credits: Samba District/Website

The initiative is a joint effort between Central University’s School of Business Studies and the Samba District Skill Committee. It is expected to completely change the region’s tourism industry. A formal agreement has been signed between University Vice-Chancellor Professor Sanjeev Jain and Samba District Deputy Commissioner Abhishek Sharma.

These bunker-like homestays not only provide comfortable accommodation but also offer a glimpse into the rich local culture and lifestyle. Moreover, plans are underway to establish libraries and gyms in Ramgarh and transform community bunkers into model bunkers in Samba, further enhancing the tourism experience.

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Unmissable Experiences In The District

Photo Credits: Samba District/Website

But what does the Samba District truly offer to tourists? Here are eight captivating experiences awaiting visitors

1. Historical Marvels

Dive into the rich history of Samba, renowned as the land of Rajput warriors. Explore the iconic Samba Fort, built by Raja Suchet Singh, along with other ancient forts like Mohargarh Fort, Dhergarh Fort, and Bhupnergarh Fort.

2. Spiritual Journeys

Embark on a spiritual odyssey at revered shrines like Baba Chamliyal Shrine, known for its secularism and inter-religious harmony, and Baba Sidhgoriya Shrine, which attracts devotees from far and wide.

3. Cultural Gems

Delve into the cultural tapestry of Samba with a visit to Shri Narsingh Dev Ji Temple and Chichi Mata Temple, steeped in legend and spirituality.

4. Sacred Sites

Explore Purmandal and Utterbahni, known as “Chotta Kashi,” for their ancient Shiva temples and significant religious importance.

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5. Culinary Delights

Indulge in local delicacies at Thandi Khui, renowned for its barfi and tea, and savour authentic cuisine at roadside eateries along the National Highway.

6. Breathtaking Landscapes

Lose yourself in the serene beauty of Samba’s natural landscapes, including the tranquil surroundings of Thandi Khui and the picturesque Devak River.

7. Warm Hospitality

Experience the renowned hospitality of the locals, known for their courtesy and warmth, adding an extra layer of charm to your visit.

8. Geographic Wonders

Discover the geographic marvels of Samba, nestled amidst the Shivalik Hills, offering breathtaking vistas and a serene environment.

Samba District calls on travellers seeking authentic experiences and unforgettable memories. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Samba District/Website

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