This Restaurant In Japan Hired Monkeys To Serve Food & Drinks & They Are Just Too Cute!

by Suchismita Pal
This Restaurant In Japan Hired Monkeys To Serve Food & Drinks & They Are Just Too Cute!

Imagine you’re waiting for your food at an eatery and suddenly a dolled up monkey turns up at your table. Would you be surprised? Believe it or not, a restaurant in Japan actually hired monkeys as waiters. And what did they get as salaries? The monkeys did their job and would receive bananas in return. Dressed in chequered shirts and black skirts, the adorable Macaque monkeys would fetch beer and other delectable dishes to the table at the Japanese restaurant Kayabukiya Tavern. And sometimes, happy guests would tip them with boiled soya beans.

Kayabukiya Tavern Restaurant Japan Monkeys

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Cute Monkeys Brought Beer, Food And Napkins To The Tables

The monkeys are basically the pets of Kaoru Otsuka, who owned the restaurant. It’s not that they wouldn’t make mistakes, but their innocence would melt the hearts of the customers. And they were really well-behaved kids and were taken good care of by the staff. The unique concept of the restaurant would attract diners from all over the world, who would play with the monkeys and take pictures with them. Not only food and drinks, but the monkeys also brought towels to the guests for cleaning hands.

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They Danced Often To Entertain The Guests

Owner Otsuka had told the Daily Mail that the monkeys are as close to her as her family. Sometimes, they also used to dance to entertain the guests. Simply sitting at the restaurant and watching them frolic around was an utterly gladdening experience. Thanks to the little monkeys, the guests not only dined at this restaurant, but they could also create wonderful memories. Reportedly, Kayabukiya Tavern had shut doors a couple of years back. But the monkey concept it had introduced still leaves us in awe.